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We combine decades of design, construction, modular & risk management experience to enable our clients to reap the benefits of offsite construction

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Team Selection, Contract Reviews, Permitting, Inspection Oversight, Transportation, Staging, Setting & Onsite Connections

Darren is one of the most knowledgeable persons we have worked with on steel modular projects.  Volumetric steel modular is still very new to the US and there aren’t many experts that know from experience all the opportunities and challenges of modular construction.  We were fortunate to have Darren lead our design team.  He was a great partner to work with.

Simon Ha



Darren has a wealth of knowledge in volumetric modular construction.  He has been a great resource to help guide all aspects of the modular construction process from design, manufacturing, logistics, construction, and financing.  His insights and ability to clearly delineate and integrate the onsite and offsite construction has enabled us to provide thorough budgets and schedules.

David Amundson

Project Executive


I have worked with Darren on multiple modular projects.  Darren is a wealth of information with regards to this type of construction and very familiar with different manufacturers and their benefits and constraints. Darren is very detail oriented, a problem solver, and diligent to select a cost efficient system for the project. I truly enjoy working with Darren!

Tony Ghodsi, SE, PE



It's great to work with someone who understands our role and helps facilitate a seamless logistics, set and connection process. His cutting edge modular design concepts also help to greatly minimize onsite challenges.

Scott Bridger



"We love all the benefits of modular construction but just how much could we possibly save??"

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