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Real Estate Developers

We'll work with your team or independently from project evaluation through completion.  Feasibility, budgeting, scheduling, design coordination, permitting, bidding, contract reviews, logistics, construction management and more ....


General Contractors

The modular industry is in need of general contractors that fully understand how to integrate onsite and offsite construction.  We'll help you delineate scopes of work to facilitate accurate budgets and schedules that help secure new projects.  Our preconstruction and construction phase services help minimize your risks.



Whether experienced in modular or looking to enter the market, we bring our modular constructability experience to your design studios.  We love to support architects as they push the boundaries of modular design and seek new opportunities.



Not only can we help you price your modular projects by fully understanding onsite/offsite scope delineation, we'll also provide VE recommendations and help schedule hands-on tours of modular factories to give you the competitive edge. 


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