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Our Vision

The modular construction industry is currently fragmented and many of the challenges and barriers of entry aren't fully understood. 


Our vision at Optimum Modular Solutions is to continue to address challenges, develop and share efficient solutions and bring talented project participants together to form successful modular construction delivery teams.

"If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself." --Henry Ford

Residential Building

Construction labor shortages, rising construction costs and increased project delays have driven real estate developers to consider implementing alternative means of construction.  

Optimum Modular Solutions is a consulting firm that provides a wide range of services to real estate developers as well as architects, general contractors and subcontractors.

With knowledge and experience in all types of modular construction (aka offsite or prefabrication) as well as conventional construction, we help our clients understand all aspects of the industry and provide comprehensive onsite and offsite support services throughout all stages of a project.  


Our Principal


Darren Seary, FRICS

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By combining 25 years of conventional and modular construction experience, Darren has embarked on a journey to help address the challenges that have impeded the wide-spread implementation and adoption of modular construction in the U.S.

Darren has held senior management roles in the design, construction management and risk management sectors of the industry.  Contractors, developers, lenders and investors are all counted as his clients, each provided with various types of customized services to meet their specific needs.

Modular experience is the key to success.  Darren and his past and present teams have provided services on over $1B of modular projects (wood & steel volumetric, shipping containers and panelized). This experience has enabled Darren to apply “lessons learned” to every Optimum Modular Solutions project from design inception through completion of the project.

By utilizing his vast knowledge of construction risk management from a lender/investor perspective and having worked for many of the largest banks and financial institutions throughout the U.S., Darren is tackling the complex and often challenging obstacle of financing modular projects.  This is being achieved by utilizing a variety of risk mitigation measures that are intended to protect the manufacturer, client, lender/investor and project delivery team.

The modular industry has been negatively impacted by its fragmented delivery method throughout both the design and construction phases.  Darren is fortunate to have gained a significant amount of conventional construction experience throughout his career and now utilizes this to provide a fully integrated onsite/offsite solution to deliver successful modular projects. 

Many modular projects don’t move forward for a variety of reasons; however, inaccurate cost estimating is often a contributing factor.  Projects can be over-priced as scopes of work are duplicated.  Drawing upon decades of conventional cost data and his ability to clearly delineate the onsite and offsite scopes of work, Darren works closely with the general contractor and modular manufacturer to ensure the client receives a detailed and valid budget.

Education: Bachelor of Science (honors) Degree – DeMontfort University, Leicester, England

Qualifications: Fellow of the RICS (the world’s largest professional organization dating back 150 years)

Industry Experience: 27 Years (23 in U.S.)


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