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What's Modular?

Let's start with definitions ...

Modular: Often used as the generic, all encompassing term for Volumetric Modular, Panelized, Prefabrication, Offsite Construction, Industrialized Construction, Pods and ADUs.

Volumetric Modular: Wood or steel boxes manufactured in a factory and delivered to a jobsite complete with the majority of the interior fixtures, finishes and systems. Can come with limited exterior finishes too.

Panelized: Interior and exterior walls/floors/roofs constructed with windows, doors, drywall, finishes and limited MEP.  Built in a factory, shipped to the jobsite and installed in lieu of conventional framing systems with subsequent installations.

Prefabrication: Also often used as the generic, all encompassing term, it specifically includes any system or component that is assembled offsite.  Plumbing manifolds, bolt-on balconies, framing systems and pre-constructed elevators are examples.

Offsite Construction: Another generic, all encompassing term.

Industrialized Construction: Another generic, all encompassing term.

Pods: Typically bathroom pods, built as volumetric modules and "slotted" into each floor level of a building structure.  

ADU's: Accessory Dwelling Units.  Small volumetric modules often installed in residential rear yards as additional living or office space.

... then the many Modular Benefits ...

Reduced Schedule

Reduced Moisture Risks



Safer Work Environment

Cost Savings

Accelerated Revenue Generation

Less Construction Noise

Less Construction Waste

Engineering Tools
Drone with Camera

... and some Video Content

Optimum Modular Solutions works with it's contacts in the industry to bring together the most informative and balanced modular educational videos in one place.

We plan to keep adding more video content, so please check out and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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