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Optimum Modular Solutions Wins At The World of Modular!

We are honored to announce that at the 2022 World of Modular conference in San Antonio, Texas, Optimum Modular Solutions won Honorable Mention in the Marketing Piece - Print category for the Steel Modular Construction vs. Conventional Construction: Cost & Schedule Analysis publication!

Our publication was primarily developed to help answer the most common question "what are the time and cost savings associated with going modular?". In addition to the hard cost savings, we converted the time savings into potential additional revenue to help raise awareness of this important benefit.

We gathered an amazing team to work on this project, consisting of KTGY and Steinberg Hart (architects), Englekirk (structural engineers) and C.W. Driver (general contractor), to which we owe much credit and thanks!

It is our hope that this publication can help the modular industry as a whole, which is why we have made it available to download either as separate files (market rate and affordable) or as the combined file for use in it's unedited format to supplement marketing and educational efforts.

Optimum Modular Solutions is an independent, third party consulting and construction project management firm that brings together and manages the very best teams to help our developer clients reap the benefits of modular construction!

Optimum Modular Solutions - Modular vs Conventional
Download PDF • 20.05MB

Modular Construction_The Saving_Market Rate
Download PDF • 6.96MB

Modular Construction_The Savings_Affordable Housing
Download PDF • 10.16MB

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