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Press Release: Optimum Modular Solutions Launches To Help Address Housing Crisis In U.S.

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Ever-increasing construction costs and labor shortages are contributing to supply significantly falling short of demand for housing throughout many U.S. cities. Optimum Modular Solutions aims to address the challenges that have impeded the wide-spread adoption of Modular Construction - a cost effective and time saving alternative to conventional construction - by providing specialist consulting, project management and risk mitigation services to developers, architects and contractors.

In response to the need to find more efficient and cost-effective methods of constructing multi-family housing in the U.S., Optimum Modular Solutions launches to provide a range of services under four general categories:

Educate - Pros, Cons, Risks & Mitigation Tools

Evaluate - Feasibility, Modular Type, Manufacturers, Contractors, Logistics, Financing, Onsite / Offsite Budgeting & Scheduling

Integrate - Onsite / Offsite Construction & Design Coordination Reviews

Facilitate - Team Selection, Contract Reviews, Permitting, Inspection Oversight, Transportation, Staging, Setting & Onsite Connections

Founder and Principal, Darren Seary, FRICS, explains "Never has there been such an interest in utilizing modular construction. While adoption is increasing, there are several challenges that aren't being addressed that are restricting the modular market share to only 4% of the overall construction industry in the U.S. Optimum Modular Solutions was formed to offer our clients the benefit of decades of conventional and modular construction experience and to provide a range of services specifically designed to facilitate successful modular projects."

"Design For Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA), construction financing, estimating of both the modular and onsite scopes of work, integration and coordination of onsite/offsite work, and a fragmented project delivery process are all issues that the industry is working to overcome. Our vision at Optimum Modular Solutions is to continue to address these challenges, develop and share efficient construction and risk solutions, and bring talented project participants together to form successful modular construction delivery teams."

Seary concludes "Without the adoption of alternative means of construction, the housing crisis will continue. The technology is now available to build faster, to a better quality and for a lower price point - we just need to embrace it!"

Media Contact:

Company Name: Optimum Modular Solutions

Contact Person: Darren Seary

Phone: 323-628-1298

Country: United States

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